Aby-a-Day – December 23: Don’t look directly into the light (Cartoon Tuesday)

I thought of this before I actually found Jacoby an ugly Christmas sweater…


…so I had to come up with the ugliest sweater ever in the history of ugly Christmas sweaters. Which this has to be, because I did a Google image search “ugliest Christmas sweater ever” and combined several of the best worst ones I found. And then enhanced them. So this is truly an ugly Christmas sweater. If I could make it an animated blinking gif, I would have.


And here’s the original iPad sketch, just for fun. There are some things that Photoshop does really well…and evidently uglifying Christmas sweaters is one of them. I couldn’t make the sketched sweater nearly as ugly as I wanted.

(Click cartoon to embiggen (if you really want to see that sweater any larger than this), or you can view all cartoons in Slideshow mode on Flickr.)