Aby-a-Day – 7 January: Chilling with Mom

I returned to Boston yesterday after a wonderful time with Björn in Sweden.

sverigexmas-happyjakeIMG_2480 1

I didn’t want to leave, and I’m not going back to work until Monday, because I know that I’ll need a few days to mope and cry recover.

sverigexmas-happyjakeIMG_2481 1

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, Jacoby is thrilled that I am home.

sverigexmas-happyjakeIMG_2482 1

He’s been cuddling with me nonstop.

sverigexmas-happyjakeIMG_2483 1

This is what happens when I say his name.

sverigexmas-happyjakeIMG_2484 1

I’m not even touching him! Just talking to him makes him roll around in glee.

sverigexmas-happyjakeIMG_2486 1

Big, goofy yawn…

sverigexmas-happyjakeIMG_2487 1

Oh, he’s definitely glad I’m home. Look at that Aby smile.

sverigexmas-happyjakeIMG_2485 1

And he knows I’m upset, too…he’s such a good boy.