Aby-a-Day – 14 January: Swedish cat food

Since I’m planning on living there for the rest of my life, while I was in Sweden I spent a good bit of time looking at the cat food that is available in my new homeland.

sverigexmas-catfoodIMG_2222 1

Which…yeah, I was looking for packaging featuring Abys, for the most part. Like this brand. I’m not 100% certain this one’s an Aby, because of all the desaturation going on…but this cat looks like an Aby to me!

sverigexmas-catfoodIMG_2255 1

This one is definitely an Aby. Kind of an embarrassingly overweight Aby…but an Aby nonetheless.


Then we have good old reliable Royal Canin, featuring a Somali on (of all things) a low-cal dry food.

Funny thing about that Royal Canin dry food…it’s also featured on the back of the January issue of Kattliv magazine! I actually started a subscription while I was there, and and as you can see, this is my first issue.

sverigexmas-catfoodIMG_2221 1

In non-Aby related food news…I thought this was interesting. They have Temptations treats in Sweden, but they’re called “Dreamies” instead.


And I also found a line of treats that features a happy Burmilla on its packaging. I bought a couple of different treats with the Burmilla on them…after all, Tessie is a Burmilla variant, since she’s smoke instead of shaded or tipped.


The “big” present I brought back for the cats, though, was Moose (even though it says “Elk” on the box) and Reindeer cat food.


I think Jacoby is considering the advantages to cat food packaged in paper boxes vs cat food packaged in metal cans…you don’t necessarily need thumbs to open a paperboard box…