Aby-a-Day – July 29: Kneedy Kitty (Hipstamatic Monday)

Sometimes, the air conditioning in our apartment gets a little too chilly.


You don’t want to turn it off, because then the apartment gets stuffy, and it’s already turned down pretty low…


…which is why I have a soft, fluffy, white tiger-striped Snuggie by the sofa.


Yeah, don’t hate: I have a Snuggie. It’s soft, it has pockets, it’s washable, it matches the black leather sofa…and it doesn’t collect cat hairs (and if it does, they blend in really well), so it’s perfect for keeping on the sofa.


And, most importantly, the kitties like it.


When I get under it while watching TV, Jacoby comes running. He loves to cuddle with me when I’ve got the Snuggie.


He settles in behind my knees, purring and kneading, and he’ll stay there until I get up.


Since we get grey, rainy days during the summer, too, it’s nice to have a purring kitty to cuddle with.