Aby-a-Day – August 23: Angel’s early outings (Friday Fashion Flashback)

Angel may not be the cat about town that Jacoby is, but she is still an Aby and, as is her birthright, she still appreciates an outing now and then. Her problem is…harnesses.


Angel’s very first harness was a Walking Jacket.


She wore it on the flight from California back to Boston. I wasn’t terribly impressed with it, though. She actually managed to get out of it while in her carrier bag! I also wasn’t crazy about the way it fit her.


Her first real trip outside to the park was on a chilly day in April, so she wore this little purple print jacket. I think this one came from Petsmart.


She’d never worn clothes before, if you can believe that!


I have long believed that cats don’t mind wearing coats because cats are not stupid. They don’t like being cold, and they figure out pretty quickly that coats keep them warm and they get to go outside and not be cold.


Angel certainly figured that out quickly!


The harness I’ve been using on Angel has been the Gooby Freedom Harness II.


Overall, I’ve been pretty happy with it.


Angel seems to like it, too.




…On our last outing, THIS happened.


I caught it quickly and hooked her back up, but once a cat manages to get out of a harness, I’ve found it’s pretty much useless after that. So it’s time to find Angel a better harness. I’ve gotten her one of these from Petco, which I like because the shoulders are adjustable. We have tried it in the house, but not in the great outdoors…that’s our next project!