Aby-a-Day – October 13: Undercover cat (Hipstamatic Monday)

You can tell the weather’s getting cooler when Jacoby wants to snuggle under the covers.



I was taking a nap while the laundry was being done, and Jake decided to join me.



Since the patterned comforter cover was being washed, I had a nice white background for these photos.


Luckily, I sleep with my phone (like most people), so I was able to get some pictures of him snuggling without having to get up and ruin the moment.



I tried to keep my arm out of the photos, but failed here. The photo of Jake was too good to delete the photo, so here it is.



Taking photos under a blanket is not as easy as it seems. I got a lot of photos of just ears.



Jake didn’t mind the picture-taking, but he did not appreciate the flash…it was a necessary evil, unfortunately, since the photos I took without it were too dark to see anything.


He’s such a cuddlebug! He stayed under the covers with me until I woke up…a sure sign that winter’s on the way.

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