Aby-a-Day – February 3: Of Wolves and Cats (Cartoon Tuesday)

No idea what inspired this…I’ve been watching old Jack Benny program reruns lately so I’ve been immersed in “old-style” comedy. You know, Jack Benny’s regular show ended the year I was born, so these shows are well over 50 years old…but they’re still incredibly funny. Some things really are universal. So maybe this comes from those classic comedy shows.


Either that, or I just wanted to draw a Tex Avery-style Jacoby.

Also, shoutout to CoyoteMange and his FREE Photoshop fur and feather brushes! I played with them A LOT while I was colouring this. They really made the Fancy Feast Girl’s fur look great.

I also used this lineart by Keenami on DeviantArt as a reference for Angel’s pose…I just could not get it right!
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Other People’s Abys: Radar hunts with StarClan

Sad news came to me this weekend: Radar, the Central Park Abyssinian, has passed away. He had cancer and finally gave up his fight this past Saturday, 31 January.

You may recall I posted about Radar back in 2010. Radar was a great influence on me with both Gun-Hee and Jacoby. Oddly, I was in NYC this past Saturday and, as we passed Central Park, I thought of Radar and Court, and of bringing Jake to Central Park some day.

My heart has joined the Thousand, for my friend has stopped running today.