Aby-a-Day – February 22: National Walking the Dog Day

Yeah, you read that title correctly. Apparently today is “Walking the Dog Day.” Well, screw that.


According to Jacoby, Angel and Summer the Somali, today is “Walking the CAT Day!”


On Monday I took Jake and Angel out in the snow for a little winter experience.


This was Angel’s first time in snow.



I had some boots for her, but considering the struggle I had to put her coat on, I didn’t try to put them on her feet.


Jake wore his boots but he didn’t like them.


Well, he liked them in that his feet were warm and dry, but he doesn’t like things on his feet, especially the one back foot that was injured in the escalator incident.


These photos are actually from after we went out in the snow. I’ll post the other photos of our outing later this week.

Not an Aby: Baby Snugs Kitten “Willow the Abyssinian”

So you know how I love to search for “Abyssinian” online just to see what I’ll find, right? Well, the other day I did it on Amazon and discovered a lifelike electronic kitten named “Willow the Abyssinian.”

And I got really excited…

…until I saw her. She’s brown…okay…but she’s also white. If anything, she’s a chocolate and white bicolour! It actually reminds me of the “Not Even Close” example on the National Aby Rescue website!

If anything, “Sunshine the Calico” (who may actually be “Gizzy the Tabby,” and who, by the way, is absolutely NOT a calico OR a tabby!) looks more like an Aby than this brown-and-white kitten does (or she would do, with judicious use of a Copic marker)!

I guess I should be happy that at least they know that there’s a cat called an Abyssinian? Even if they have absolutely no idea what an Aby actually looks like? I did leave a review on the Amazon listing making my feelings known…