Aby-a-Day – 14 December: “Our little boy is all grows up tonight…you’re growns up and you’re growns up and you’re growns up!” (Fashion Friday)

Just a month ago, I wrote about how, at the same age as Logan, Izaak hadn’t shown any signs of being a tomcat.


Well, that changed when I caught Zak peeing on our bed! Luckily, I was right there, and I put him in the litterbox we have in the bedroom.



So, as soon as that happened…I had no choice. He had to start wearing diapers, the same way Logan did.


Zak really hates the diapers, but he won’t have to deal with them for long. I have already made an appointment for Zak to get his Supralorin chip next Wednesday.


Wednesday can’t come quickly enough for poor Zak!