Aby-a-Day – May 6: Sixo de Mayo (Fashion Friday)

Because everyone who’s ever been to Mexico for at least five minutes buys one of these to put on their cat’s head…


…and because yesterday was Cinco de Mayo, but today is Fashion Friday…


…and with Jacoby’s therapy visits and his urinary tract infection, Angel’s been rather neglected in the blog lately…


…here’s Angel wearing a sombrero from Cozumel.

DVR Alert: Too Cute! Kittens

Thanks to Aeryn for this tip: Animal Planet has a show, “Too Cute! Kittens” featuring the first weeks of life of three litters of purebreds: Persians, Bengals, and…Abyssinians!

It will be aired again tomorrow, Saturday May 7, at 7pm EDT/PDT, so get your DVR ready! In the meantime, be sure to check out the Too Cute! Kittens slideshow.

From the Animal Planet website, it looks like there are three kittens in the Aby litter…just like Jacoby’s. I can’t wait! But in the meantime, look at this clip of Tiny Dancer and the rest of the family!