Aby-a-Day – March 8: “Colours” (Saturday Photo Hunt)

This week’s Photo Hunt subject is “Colours.”

I always give my cats a colour that is all their own. My sealpoint Siamese Harri and Gun-Hee were blue, my redpoint Siamese Sigrid was light blue, my tabbypoint Siamese Patrick was and Jacoby is green, Angel is purple, Kylie is pink and Tessie is red. In honour of the move, they all got brand-new collars from Sally at HiTide Creations. (That little teeny version of Jake’s collar is for a plushie.)

I first discovered Sally back in October 2009 (just after I got Jake) when I went looking for new collars for all the cats. I saw her braided kangaroo leather collars and just fell in love. And in the almost five years we’ve been friends, well…her collars and leashes were incredible then, and she has improved so much since! She’s developed these jazzy knots to use in place of, or with, beads which I love. These are their original collars…you can see that the colours are all pretty much the same, just a little plainer than they are now. Angel’s has changed the most; Sally’s gotten some metallic leathers and the reddish burgundy on her first collar has been turned to gold.


You can see how much tighter her braiding has gotten. Our old leash is on the left, and our new leash is on the right. I absolutely love it.


And she’s started making her own beads!


They’re polymer, not glass, so they should be able to stand up to whatever Jake and I can dish out.


Here is Angel’s new collar. It looks blue in this photo but it’s actually a deep royal purple, with a strand of gold woven though it. The knots are purple and burgundy.


This is closer to the real shade of purple on Angel’s collar.


Kylie’s collar is exactly the same combination of pale pink, bright pink, white and natural as her original collar was.


But the knots on Kylie’s collar add a little sparkle with silver metallic leather.


Tessie’s colour is red, but she’s named after a Red Sox song, and their colours include blue, white and grey on their away uniforms. So, with her signature red, her collar also has royal blue and pewter grey.


Her knots are red and white, like the socks on the team logo.


Last but not least, we have Jake with his new collar and leash.


Doesn’t he look pleased with himself?


Jake’s collar and leash are bright apple green and dark forest green.


But his knots have a little gold, too. He couldn’t be the only one without some metallic leather! I wanted copper, to match Jake’s fur and his awesome Finnish leather harness, but they don’t make copper kangaroo leather yet.


You may have noticed how wonderfully Sally’s collars match their Blanket ID tags. Not to brag, but I actually hooked her up with them because I loved her colourful collars go with their colourful tags…and they’re both based in British Columbia! I mentioned each one to the other and now they’re collaborating! I love the way the internet works sometimes.