Aby-a-Day – March 7: First day in the new territory (Friday Flashback)

Jacoby’s been the most relaxed and comfortable cat in the new place. He’d lived in the old apartment his entire life, but unlike the others, he doesn’t seem to miss anything about it.


But then, he’s always been like that.


The very first day we got him, he strolled into the apartment like he owned the place.


He was 3½ months old and, even then, just fearless.



After a long car ride with his older brother, he came into a place with three older female cats and a universe of new smells and he just…didn’t really seem to be in the least bit daunted.


After thoroughly exploring the entire place, twice, he settled down on his baby blanket from home and surveyed his new kingdom with a speculative gleam in his eye.


He had that exact same look in his eyes on Tuesday after we were moved in. It seems that kittens, like children, don’t change all that much as they grow up.