Aby-a-Day – 21 April: You CAN teach an old cat some new tricks! (Swedish Sunday)

I apologise in advance for the blurriness of these photos, but I was lucky to capture them at all!


This actually started before Jacoby died, but last week was the first time I managed to have my camera ready.



You see, Angel, who will be twelve this year, has actually started playing with the younger cats!I haven’t seen her play with another cat voluntarily since Jake was a kitten!


But here she is…




…playing chase and catch with Lorelai! And Angel started it!



It’s truly amazing.


The old lady’s got some moves!


Rory, having escaped up the hallway, returns to see where Angel is.


“Where are you, Angel..?”


Oh. Hello.


Sometimes Alfred and Izaak join in; it’s not just a girl thing. Still, it’s so wonderful to watch Angel play with the other cats on her own terms as opposed to someone chasing her.

7 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – 21 April: You CAN teach an old cat some new tricks! (Swedish Sunday)

  1. That link may be the 1st photo I’ve seen of baby Jake – thank you for that! And it is wonderful to see Angel pursuing her own games, and having fun. Rory looks a little surprised there :-). Hope it continues.


      1. Not sure there is anything cuter than two Abys playing like that. I had a pair of ruddy Aby siblings – a brother and sister – who were so alike we had to flip them over to see who was who for months. They played like that, and it was such fun! (They actually managed to lock themselves in a room once – they bounced against the lock on the knob. We had to take the door off its hinges to get them out.) Its lovely seeing new (to me) photos of Jake.


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