Aby-a-Day – November 26: Helpful little Christmas elf (Hipstamatic Monday)

Jacoby loves the Christmas tree. He loves it up and lit, and he loves to help me set it up.



The moment I unzip the tree bag, he’s right there, helping.


Yep, he’s right there, in the bag.




I said if he was going to be such a helpful little Christmas elf, he should be wearing his mistletoe hat.


He really didn’t mind that at all. He was too busy. Helping.

One thought on “Aby-a-Day – November 26: Helpful little Christmas elf (Hipstamatic Monday)

  1. I think we lost our last comment here somewhere … anyways, I was saying this made MomKatt remember my ruddy angel brofur, Feisal, who was halfway up the fake Xmas tree the year he arrived at our house before MomKatt could even finish putting it together! So no Xmas tree since then. Now that he’s gone, and I’m “channeling” him, MomKatt guesses there won’t be a Xmas tree in our house anytime in the near future! MOL

    PURRS! (And your little hat is adorable!)


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