Aby-a-Day – October 21: The Escalator Incident (Part 4) (Cartoon Tuesday)

Here is the fourth page of the illustrated retelling of Jacoby’s escalator accident.


Page 1 can be found here
Page 2 is here.
And Page 3 is here.

Stay tuned for the conclusion next week!

I didn’t have a good photo of a taxi cab, so I used this one by Emmanuel Amador on Flickr, which is used with a Creative Commons license.

And the last drawing of Jake is based on this photo I took while he was being worked on (and while I was helping hold him still). I honestly wasn’t being millennial and taking photos to post on Facebook; I got my phone out to check Jake’s weight so the doctor could sedate him without having to move him to the scale. While I was checking his weight, I went, “Oh, hey…I should get a photo,” so I took three. If I didn’t keep track of the cats’ weight on my iPhone, I wouldn’t have any photos at all.

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Aby-a-Day – October 20: Are those treats? Can I have them? (Hipstamatic Monday)

Angel may be a skittish, easily intimidated little Aby most of the time, but bring out the treats and she becomes fearless!


She is extremely food motivated.



She will do anything for a bit of food. She’ll stand up to Tessie, she’ll climb up your leg, she’ll even stand up on a cat tree (which isn’t as easy for her as it sounds, since she’s a little balanced impaired with her compromised depth perception).



This is what she does when I offer her little hard, dried, crunchy treats.



Just imagine what she does when I have raw meat, sushi, cocktail shrimp or anything else that’s really tasty!

Aby-a-Day – October 18: “Rock” (Saturday Photo Hunt)

This week’s Photo Hunt subject is “Rock.”


I have this really cool rock that I got at some point when I was in high school. It usually lives in my bathroom with some metal Aby figures.


It’s some sort of California holey sandstone that’s had perfectly circular holes and pits drilled in it, over time, by water.



It’s a really cool-looking rock.


Even Jacoby thinks so.


And it gets even more cool-looking when I put a few pieces of his dry food in those little holes.



Good times!



It’s kind of a natural food puzzle toy!



I hope this doesn’t mean Jake’s going to start trying to find food in the rock when it’s back where it belongs in the bathroom…

Aby-a-Day – October 17: Like father, like son (Flashback Friday)

Look at these photos of Jacoby and his father, GC Pellburn Scarface Cat Pacino, both taken by Chanan six years apart.

This is Scar in 2006.

This is Jake in 2012. Of course, they aren’t identical twins; Jake was three years old when his photo was taken while Scar was only one, and Scar was a whole male so he had the fuller jowls, but you can definitely see the family resemblance!

And, just for fun, here’s Jake’s mother, Ch. Instincts Santa Catalina of Pellburn, in a photo taken last year. Jake takes after his mother quite a bit, too!

Aby-a-Day – October 16: “The path flies by as you and I ride a bicycle built for two”

Last week I finally got a bike of my own!



I’ve pretty much had bikes my whole life; my first was a little purple 1970 Schwinn HollyWood. Then I got my “big girl bike,” a 1974 Schwinn Breeze in “Opaque Blue.” My sister got that one (and she still has it!) and I got my mom’s Campus Green Breeze when my sister outgrew the HollyWood. The Breeze was a very heavy bike, so when I was college, I got my Bianchi. He was a men’s bike (and therefore a boy) and I named him “Nivalis” because he was white. Oh, I loved that bike…but I sold him in the mid-90’s. I’ve been bikeless since (except for a brief period in 2002)…until Hubway started up in Boston. That was convenient, for a while…until it became so popular it became hard to find bikes to ride and open spaces to park them.


So I finally got my own bike. Another Schwinn, almost the same colour as my Breeze. Her name is Nähri (Finnish for jay).



Of course, Jacoby was right there to check out the new arrival.


(Oh, how I wish this photo had been in focus!)



Little does Jake know that someday I want to get a carrier so that he can join me on bike rides around town…

Aby-a-Day – October 14: The Escalator Incident (Part 3) (Cartoon Tuesday)

Here is the third page of the illustrated retelling of Jacoby’s escalator accident.


Page 1 can be found here
Page 2 is here.

Stay tuned for page 4!

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Aby-a-Day – October 13: Undercover cat (Hipstamatic Monday)

You can tell the weather’s getting cooler when Jacoby wants to snuggle under the covers.



I was taking a nap while the laundy was being done, and Jake decided to join me.



Since the patterned comforter cover was being washed, I had a nice white background for these photos.


Luckily, I sleep with my phone (like most people, so I was able to get some pictures of him snuggling without having to get up and ruin the moment.



I tried to keep my arm out of the photos, but failed here. The photo of Jake was too good to delete the photo, so here it is.



Taking photos under a blanket is not as easy as it seems. I got a lot of photos of just ears.



Jake didn’t mind the picture-taking, but he did not appreciate the flash…it was a necessary evil, unfortunately, since the photos I took without it were too dark to see anything.


He’s such a cuddlebug! He stayed under the covers with me until I woke up…a sure sign that winter’s on the way.

Aby-a-Day – October 12: “In fourteen hundred and ninety two…”

Whether or not Columbus Day should even be a holiday anymore is up for debate…not that I care, since I never get it off anyway. But Christopher Columbus is kind of a big deal in Boston.


At least, his park is. Christopher Columbus Park was Boston’s first waterfront park, opened in 1976 for the Bicentennial.


A large Carrera marble statue of Columbus is a central feature of the park. In more ways than one; Chris’s statue gets beheaded and vandalised with red paint quite a bit by people who aren’t big fans of Columbus’ adventures in the New World.


Be that as it may, here’s Jacoby and Chris hanging out at the park, waiting for their ship to come in.

Aby-a-Day – October 10: Angel’s adoption (Friday Flashback)

Six years ago, October 10 was a Friday, too. And that’s the day I went to pick up Angel.



When I first met her, she was being sequestered in an upstairs bedroom. Seems the resident senior Aby didn’t like her and was kind of bullying her.


She did have a friend in the bedroom, though: a fawn boy called Valentino.


They got along really well, and Tino was an absolute sweetheart. He was already spoken for, but I wanted to bring him home, too.


I had to go to Northern California to get Angel, which worked out well since I grew up there and my mom still lives there. Angel and I spent the weekend in Davis before going back to Boston. She hid a little when she first got to my mom’s house…


…but she got over her initial shyness pretty quickly!


To get home, we had to fly cross-country. This was the potty break in Denver…she didn’t need to go.


As brave as she was at my mom’s…it took Angel a little while to get used to living with Tessie…


…actually, six years later, that’s still something of a work in progress…

Aby-a-Day – October 9: A place in the sun

It appears that in the world of good places to nap, at least as far as Jacoby’s concerned, warmth trumps cushiness.


He’ll lounge on the hard wooden floor if it’s got a nice warm sunpatch.


“Hey. You know, instead of standing there taking photos, you COULD be a lamb and fetch me a pillow…”


“…Now. Now would be good.”

Aby-a-Day – October 7: The Escalator Incident (Part 2) (Cartoon Tuesday)

Here is the second page of the illustrated retelling of Jacoby’s escalator accident.


Page 1 can be found here
Stay tuned for page 3!

(Fun fact: I suck at drawing myself.)

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Aby-a-Day – October 6: Morning Stretch (Hipstamatic Monday)

Lately Jacoby has taken to sleeping inside a big box as his preferred napping spot.


I haven’t been able to get a good shot of him in his box yet. But here he is stretching upon awakening and exiting his box.


Oddly, Angel didn’t hiss at him when he walked right past her, and that I did manage to capture on digital film.

Aby-a-Day – October 3: Strollercat’s first stroller (Friday Flashback)

Strollercat wasn’t always Strollercat, you know. Like most legends, he had humble beginnings.


Jacoby first started out in a Snoozer Roll Around. That was a bit like a rolling carryon suitcase, and it worked okay, but Jake didn’t really like it. It was too low to the ground, and he hated facing backwards and being behind me. He wanted to see where we were going!


Back in 2010, cat strollers weren’t as common as they are today. Not knowing any better, I got an inexpensive Pet Gear Travel Lite folding stroller for about $50 on eBay.


It was a vast improvement over the Snoozer. I needed to modify it somewhat; it had no “seatbelts” so I had to make a way to leash Jake inside the stroller.


Jake loved it.


There were some problems, though. The wheels were small and flimsy, and the ride was pretty rough. It was also too short for me! I’m 5’8″ tall, and with this stroller, I had to kind of hunch over. That’s hard to do when you’re on a long walk.


It wasn’t really comfortable for either of us. Despite that, we used it a lot that summer. Jake and I went to the Apple store to get the new iPhone 4 in that little stroller, and we also took a day trip to Gloucester with it.


It wasn’t long before we both needed an upgrade, though; it was clear that going out in the stroller was definitely something we both enjoyed, so I got the PetZip 1st Class Jogging Stroller. It was immediately apparent that this was a huge improvement, not only because of the taller and sturdier handles and the bigger, more shock-absorbing wheels, but also because of the storage space underneath.


It took Jake a little bit to get the hang of riding in his new stroller…


…but it wasn’t long before he was riding in it like a pro! And don’t get me wrong, Pet Gear does make some nice strollers – Jake’s “mini” stroller is a Pet Gear Happy Trails, which is taller and sturdier, yet still light and easy to fold.

Aby-a-Day – October 2: Sharing is caring

Kylie’s favourite place to sleep and hang out these days is the box part of the very highest cat shelf in the living room.


She can see everyone, but we can’t reach her.


In her mind, it’s perfect.


But of course, Jacoby likes it, too, because it’s high. The other night, he was up in the box…when Kylie wanted to be there.


Kylie was pretty upset about it, too.


The look in her eyes says, “Make him move!” But look at Jake’s face…


…look at that smug grin he’s got! He knows that’s her favourite spot, but he’s not going to move. Such a bratty boy!