Aby-a-Day – Day 326 of 365

When Gun-Hee first showed up at our house, Patrick was not impressed and wanted nothing to do with the kitten.


The kitten was relentless, however. He was going to be Patrick’s friend whether Trick wanted to be friends or not!


Eventually, Gun-Hee won that battle (just try denying an Aby something he really wants, I dare you). I love this photo because it’s so representative of their relationship. This was taken in 2007; Patrick and Tessie had been together amost 2 years at this point, but they were not what you would call friends. Gun-Hee treated Tessie like a surrogate mother, and Trick was his big brother. You’ll notice that Tess and Trick are not touching each other, but Gun-Hee is touching both of them, oblivious to whatever may be going on between the two older cats.

Jacoby does that, too, he’s friends with everyone, even if they’re not friends with each other.

Very Aby Holidays – Warm and Cozy Gifts for Kitties

This is the time of year when cats, the original heat-seeking missiles, really come into their own. Of course a cat won’t turn down a warm napping spot even on the hottest day of summer, winter is when they really appreciate a little extra warmth.

Cats really appreciate a warm cozy place to sleep, but there aren’t a lot of cat beds that also fit in with the human’s furniture. When looking at cat beds, you need to check out ModPet’s stunning modern furniture for cats. Their sleek designs look just like real modern furniture scaled down. It’s incredible; they’re not inexpensive, but they are something that will last for years.

If 1960’s pop-mod is more your style, Like Kittysville may have the bed for you. These beds are completely customisable, and they certainly look comfortable!

If you’re in the market for a more traditional cat bed, Photogirl95’s Cuddly Cat Snuggle Beds are made just for cats and, while not indestructible, her “kitty likes to sharpen his claws on the bottom of his bed and it is still in the same shape it was when I gave it to him.” They’re 100% cotton and machine washable, which is always a good thing. The sales of Angelic Cat Beds’ beautiful crocheted cat beds go towards the seller’s diabetic cat Angel’s medical care. Each bed is named after a shelter kitty in Durham, NC and each listing includes a photo of the bed’s namesake. WeezWear’s squishy round beds are custom made from your choice of colourful cotton prints. She even has Hello Kitty fabric imported from Japan.

For some cats, especially older cats, those who live in drafty houses, and those who have thin (or no) coats of their own, a warm bed isn’t enough. These cats will appreciate a sweater or jacket on cold days.

For cats with a sense of humour, take a look at Youth Diaspora’s whimsical cat clothes. Now your kitty can be warm and look like a bat, shark, or rocketship! Also be sure to check out Emilio Poochi! I actually met Barb at the SoWa Market on Halloween and she is making Jake a marvelous fur coat. He is her first cat couture model, so be sure to tell her Jake sent you if you buy one of her coats!

You’ve seen plenty of photos of Jake wearing his Beantown Homemade Beretta Sphynx sweater. Angel has one, too, although she doesn’t go out in cold weather as often as Jake does. These sweaters are awesome because they are designed specifically to fit cats’ bodies, which are different from dogs, particularly in the chest and shoulders. While Abys have a bit more fur than Sphynxes do, they still get cold very easily.


While it may be a myth that most body heat is lost through the head, hats do make one feel warmer when the winter winds blow. Why should it be different for cats? That’s the reasoning behind Scooter Knits’ cat hats. These hats are awesome, made just for cats, and are made with an eye towards functionality and humour. I mean, just check out her Under the Mistletoe Cat Hat. If that’s not sublime evil genius, I don’t know what is!